Antarctica in the news

Recently, there have been reports in the press about Britain “claiming” vast areas of Antarctica with the aim of securing mineral rights. This from the Guardian newspaper.

As is often the case with the media the headline misleads you into reading the report; the supposed claim is for areas of the seabed off the Antarctic continent. Whatever the truth, Antarctica is a hop topic, and one of the reasons why we have chosen this expedition as a focal point for our campaign. We know it will attract attention.

Right now, we are gearing up in more ways than one. First, we have the double task of finding sponsors and co-ordinating with our cause organisers. We hope to have some news of this shortly.We also have to get word out there and we are working closely with fund raiser extraordinaire, Peter Bland, who has raised millions of dollars for various cause through his polar expeditions. We could hardly have a better mentor.

Meanwhile, please have a look at our initial introductory video, taken with Peter Bland and Nik Halik in London recently. It’s perhaps lacking a little polish as we did it off-the-cuff, seizing an opportunity.


Meeting the gang

Cim and Jerry with icepickCim and Jerry with Pete and Nik

Peter Bland and Nik Halik were in London this week and arranged an evening for participants and guests, on Wednesday. It was great to meet our new friends and those who might join us in Antarctica.

Petes’ video of previous Antarctica trips is stunning whichever way you look at it, but once you’ve signed up it takes on a whole new meaning. That photo of a breaching humpack whale dwarfing the ship is just awesome (in the true sense). And we’re gonna be there!

There’s plenty of planning to do and only six months to go. If we are to fulfil our aims for the kidney foundation, we have to get going NOW. More details on how you can contribute as soon as we get them.

Those of you who want to join us in working together to make this trip all it can be please post a comment on this page and we’ll get in touch.

We are off to Antarctica!

OK so now it’s real! We’ve signed up for an Antarctic Odyssey. We’ll be going in March 2008. But it feels like the journey has already started. As well as being a fantastic trip to the most remote place in the World, there is a purpose to the journey: to explode the possibility of live kidney donation in the UK.

We will be travelling with the renowned Australian explorer Peter Bland and his compatriot, Money Masters mastermind Nik Halik. The trip goes under the title Cashflow on ice.

In the coming five months or so in this blog we’ll be posting on how we’re doing with raising money, and hopefully inspiring people at the same time. After the trip the adventure will still continue in raising awareness and delivering something concrete to kidney patients in the UK and maybe even Sweden.

Cim and Jerry Bartlett