Antarctica in the news

Recently, there have been reports in the press about Britain “claiming” vast areas of Antarctica with the aim of securing mineral rights. This from the Guardian newspaper.

As is often the case with the media the headline misleads you into reading the report; the supposed claim is for areas of the seabed off the Antarctic continent. Whatever the truth, Antarctica is a hop topic, and one of the reasons why we have chosen this expedition as a focal point for our campaign. We know it will attract attention.

Right now, we are gearing up in more ways than one. First, we have the double task of finding sponsors and co-ordinating with our cause organisers. We hope to have some news of this shortly.We also have to get word out there and we are working closely with fund raiser extraordinaire, Peter Bland, who has raised millions of dollars for various cause through his polar expeditions. We could hardly have a better mentor.

Meanwhile, please have a look at our initial introductory video, taken with Peter Bland and Nik Halik in London recently. It’s perhaps lacking a little polish as we did it off-the-cuff, seizing an opportunity.


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