New take on organ donor cards in the UK?

News in the UK’s Guardian newspaper and its sister The Observer of a government rethink of organ donor cards in the UK. At the time of writing, carrying an organ donor card is optional and you have to opt in to be an organ donor if you should die. The British government is now putting forward an idea similar to that in Spain of an “opt out” card. That is, it will be assumed that you are willing to donate organs unless you register as “not willing”. Read the article here.

Donor card

The problem with the current situation is that, atwhat is probably a horrible time, it must be terribly difficut for a relation to decide whether to give consent consent to allow heir loved one’s organs to be used to help others. By carrying a donor card the wishes of the deceased are clearer, but I read the next of kin can still refuse to give the go-ahead. The opt out way ought to make things smoother, but there are many considerations.

Our focus with this expedition is definitely on encouraging live donation, but we think you could do your bit by joining the NHS Organ Donor Register. If you already carry a donor card, you should still register, and let your relatives know your wishes.


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