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Southern Counties Radio

Yesterday I was interviewed by Ed Cook from Southern County Radio about our charity and trip to the other side of the world. When Ed turned up to our home I was on the last conference call before the trip with everybody going, including the expedition leader Peter Bland. Ed recorded a bit from the call. I did ask everybody on the call for permission for Ed do that – and yes they were all ok with that. Ed asked me questions about my experience of having a kidney transplant before and after. He then asked if my brother Jonas would be alright if they called him live when they were broadcasting this, to ask him a couple of questions about his thoughts and experince? I checked it with Jonas and he hesitated a bit but agreed to do it. My God, he’s is brave. Imagine doing this yourself, being interviewed live on a radio programme in a language you hardly ever speak! Anyway – Jerry and I were very excited about listening to this, this morning. We logged on to Surrey Southern Counties Radio (we thought)… and listened and listened and waited for my slot to come on, but nothing. Then the phone rang, it was Jonas calling asking what he sounded like when they interviewed him. I couldn’t believe it, we missed it from some reason. It turned out that we had been listening to the Sussex Southern Counties Radio, we later found out that the Surrey version isn’t broadcast on the Internet. Ed promised to send us a copy of the recording. I’ll let you know when we get it from them, and my intention is that we can put it online on this site so that you can listen to it. So there…


Spring Fashion Evening

Sandie Crawford, a sales manager for the Weekenders fashion catalogue, has joined our sponsors. Together with Sandie, we are holding a series of fashion shows for a strictly limited number of people.

This is what Sandie says,

I’m hosting a day of Presentation’s full of fun and fashion and I’d love to see you there! We’ll preview the latest colours and styles, try on some wonderful clothes, and learn how easy it is to build a great working wardrobe.
Say You’ll Come & Bring a Friend!

The first event will be on 28th February. All proceeds will be going to Transplants in Mind. Sandie is pledging to raise £1000.

If you are in the Woking and Surrey area, please let us know if you’d like to attend.