Final Preparation

The last seven days have been hectic. I’ve hardly had time to do anything other than work and get organised. So, the blog needs to catch up.

Last week, Cim was interviewed by Beth Woodger from the local paper, The Woking News and Mail, and on Friday, Grahame Larter came to photograph us. The piece appeared today (Thursday), and I hope it will do what was intended: get the word out a bit more and attract more sponsors. I’ll post a link when it goes live.

Speaking of sponsors, the network camera from Axis Communications arrived this morning. A big thanks to Simon Cook for helping us choose a camera and giving us advice on set-up. It seems pretty straightforward; there’s some reading up and installing of software when we arrive, but it means we should get some kind of stream going while we’re on the boat taking us from Ushuaia (the port near Cape Horn) to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Thanks also, to all our personal sponsors – you’ve been very generous. You can see our progress if you click on the Just Giving links or badge. I haven’t managed to get the thermometer widget to work yet (but I’m sure that’s just a technical glitch). We are open for sponsorship all year, and will be putting on events when we get back. Thanks to Angela too, who will be flat-sitting for us while we’re away.

The biggest worry is keeping fit and healthy. I had a dental scare on arriving back from Sweden last week. Luckily, it turned out to be an infection rather than anything that needed serious dentistry, and a course of antibiotics has sorted me out. At the back of our minds though, is Cim is a long way from hospital treatment, should anything go wrong.

Gear is less of a worry. With temperatures between -5 and -10 degrees at this time of year on Antarctica, this is weather we’re used to in the winter in Cim’s home town of Östersund in Sweden, so we have the thermals and winter togs.
Being a bit of a gadget head, I am struggling to keep things to a bare minimum. I am relying on others in the party to share electrical and computer equipment. Would that I had a nice compact little Sony Vaio laptop, or something…


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