The Drake Passage: Night 2

Another night of being tossed around. At one point the ship rolled at such a steep angle that the bunk tipped us feet first out of bed. Work it out; how steep do you have to tip your bed in order for two people to slide down it? We would have gone straight onto the floor had I not put my feet out to meet the bulkhead (wall). Odd. It was announced that we were to change course slightly and by morning, things had calmed down considerably – including my stomach and my head. By the end of breakfast I had my sea legs. Cim was still quite poorly, but made it down to Peter Bland’s first seminar.One of the Oceanwide scientific staff, Parissa gave a nice presentation on whales and dolphins, although all that exotic wildlife still seemded the stuff of documentaries. PB’s seminar was more of the personal development kind, and really, what makes this trip stand out. He make’s it very accessible on a day-to-day level; it’s tangible and practical. He’s a true leader and an inspiration – and I get the sense that I should already be operating at this level – I am ten years older. Maybe this experience will give me the tweak I need. The afternoon discussion centered on what we need to do to overcome fears that might be holding us back. Well, you can ask Cim about that in connection with the Transplant. Me, I just want to be liked and taken seriously. There is this nagging doubt that I’m holding back, taking second place, which means I don’t get to contribute what I have.

First proper night in the bar – for most people, and word is out about the party that Victoria is planning.


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