Tango Bravo, take two

Yesterday was also a public holiday for Easter we discovered when meeting Sabine. She couldn´t belive how quiet the city was. As I type , I can understand what she meant: it´s extremely noisy out there. Still, it´s perhaps a gentle introduction that you need after being away from the big city.

How great to have a guide when you are new to Buenos Aires. It´s a BIG place and with our limited castellano (spanish), a bit intimidating. Sabine was a star and took us past the Casa Rosada government building, where there was a customary demonstration going on (complete with Gentle Giant style drum bash) and across the women´bridge to lunch. We only know each other because of a common interest in 70s band Gentle Giant and met up because of the Internet community we belong to.

The Plaza de Mayo was full of the demonstration making nonsense of the Silencio signs posted at the entrance of the Cathedral. Still, it was a welcome break from the heat. She introduced us to the delights of Havanna´s extremely sweet Dulce de Leche chocs and on a sugar rush we retired for a couple of hours siesta before the Tango Show.

Despite having the wrong date for the show , it didn´t seem to be a problem, and the minibus picked us up, first as it turned out. The next tourists for tpickup were at the intercontinental hotel which put our grim little establishment to shame.

You never know with these toursit things if they’re going to be naff or not. This was most definitely the real deal. Dinner was excellent, with an forerib of veal to die for, so it was worth it my little bovine friend. The place (ElQuarandi) was an intimate affair and smartly turned out. The show itself had the Tango band on stange (piano, bandoen, double bass, and violin. The dancers were great (as I´m sure Cim will tell you) and the evening told the story of Tango in music dance and song. Highly recommended.

The minibus journey back dropped us off second so we pretended we were headed for the boutique hotel next door, and headed off to a bar for a nightcap.


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