Foxtrot Oscar

One more day in Buenos Aires and we head home. We are very conscious that this is not the end of the odyssey and that there is more work to do in our Transplants in Mind campaign. We have some GREAT pics with our sponsorship banners, which I am desparate to post, but I can´t get them uploaded here in this Internet café on Florida street.

Now that I´m not hassled by the queue for use of the one PC in the hotel, I see that the donations have gone past the 1000 pounds mark, which is a pleasing and a very good start. Thanks everybody! We have our first Ambassador in the shape of the Create Group in Sweden. I look forward to working with you when I get back.

We both feel it´s time to be home. Our hotel, the so-called Days Inn Comfort was pretty grim. It seemed a good idea to keep to a budget when we booked, but in reality, living in a box is no fun. A little research in the Rough Guide beforehand and we could have found a comfy hostel a little outside the city centre. There was a massive downpour and thunderstorm last night, and humidity is 95% today. We are just trying to keep cool and out of the sun.

Next post from Madrid airport, tomorrow lunchtime, if we have time. ..


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