Curb Travel to Antarctica?

The BBC ran an article yesterday about curbing tourist travel to Antarctica in ships not designed for the harsh conditions.

“Campaigners say the sinking of the M/S Explorer last year was a wake-up call.” We travelled in The Professor Mutanovsky” an ex-research vessel from the Arctic and Antarctic Institute in St. Petersburg, and was designed as an ice-strenghtened ship. According to Oceanwide Expeditions who were responsible for our expedition. And I have no reason to doubt them. She is a mere 71.6 meters long – a mere tug compared to some of the cruise liners we saw docked in Ushuaia, and most of those were real luxury jobs.

Of more concern is the impending collapse of the Wilkens ice sheet, but that ain’t nuthin to do with dodgy ships running aground. Ask Al Gore.


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