Strictly Cim Dancing?

It seems like I’ve been away from the blog for ages – in fact it’s about 6 weeks. I still haven’t written up the remaining part of the Antarctica journals (especially the whisky tasting). But time is moving on and UK Transplant Week is soon, so it’s a question of just getting on with things.

So, what does the title of this post mean? Cim is organising an evening of Dirty Dancing with Woking First Dance Studios with proceeds to Transplants in Mind. It promises to be a fun and entertaining night. I’ll post brief details here, and please get in contact if you want to come.

An Evening of Dirty Dancing

20 June, First Dance Studios, Woking

The event, to be held at the First Dance Studios in Woking, was dubbed “Strictly Cim Dancing”, by Colin Day of Transplants in Mind, but is actually an evening of Dirty Dancing and Latin Ballroom. Of course, Cim will be taking part, but there is much more on offer. The leaders of First Dance, Katie Brewer and Emma Harris will be getting things going with a Latin Ballroom Lesson, which will be followed by a “Dirty Dancing”-style class.

There will be arrival drinks and canapés, and with everybody up-to-speed after the top-class lessons, there will be dancing until late, with drinks for those who are not feeling quite so nimble on the dance floor.

Tickets for the Evening of Dirty Dancing cost £20, payable in advance, available from:
First Dance Studios, 01483 750 075.


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