Strictly Cim Dancing: The Event!

An evening of Dirty Dancing, they said. We came, ate the canapes, drank the cava and headed off down winding corridors, to hit the dance-floor, some in their fetching close-fitting dresses and high heels. The ladies were pretty smartly attired too. Dancing there was, but was it dirty? Not a yellow card all evening.

And what fun it was! 30 or so of us in thrall to Katie and Laura, who taught us some basic mambo and merengue steps. We were so good at that (they told us) that we went straight into the choreographed routine based on those steps. Amazing what you can do in a couple of energetic hours.

Strictly photos

We can’t leave this without saying a huge “Thank you!” to those of you who came to the event and by doing so, contributed close to £700 to Transplants in Mind. The greatest thanks to Katie, Emma of First Dance Studios for putting on the event, donating their time, effort and money in making the evening the success it was.


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  1. Wow – sounds like it was a great night. Will we be seeing Cim on Broadway soon? Wish we could have been there – though in a strange way I feel like I was??!! ; )

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