The steps of Number 10 Downing Street

Cim and Jerry on the steps

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A quick taster from the photos taken outside Number 10 yesterday.

We were invited to a reception at Number 10 Downing Street by Sararh Brown, wife of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The occasion was the launch of The Transplant Trust and its social networking site The TX Space.

It was a thrill to be there and we just had to have our photo taken on the steps outside, as no photography was allowed once inside. Presumably at the request of the Slitheen.


National Transplant Week Launch

Well, that went very well, even if I say so myself. From our point of view, anyway.

We were in Covent Garden yesterday evening (Tuesday 8 July), at the launch of 2008 National Transplant Week. We met several of the upper echelon of Transplants in Mind as well as some of the people who give their free time to supporting the cause.

The Donor Bus was there to get people to sign up for the donor register. It’s a classic London double-decker Routemaster – and standing as it was in front of the Transport Museum, it attracted tourists from the museum who understandably thought it was part of the exhibits. We should have charged for the privilege of taking snapshots.

Turned out, our presentation was the only “story” of the event and despite the slight technology miss, we were pleased with how it went and very pleased with the feedback. I would have liked to have seen more journalists and potential sponsors there, but perhaps they are being saved up for Friday and the second launch at 10 Downing Street.

The second launch is way more than just a media push for attention. It’s going to benefit the whole transplant community and it’s pretty revolutionary, so I’m not surprised that attention and effort has been focused there.

More on this soon…

National Transplant Week

This is what we’ve been working up to since coming back from Antarctica: National Transplant Week, the major awareness and fundraising focus week for our charity, Transplants in Mind.

It runs from 6th – 13th July with the media launch tonight (Tuesday 8th, I know), at the Transport Museum in Covent Garden We will be live on stage with a small presentation, telling Cim’s story. Our part of the transplants picture is of course, kidney donation, especially live kidney donation. Others will be doing their bit for other organ transplants.

On Friday, we are invited to a reception at 10 Downing Street. which is very exciting. Not sure if Gordon Brown is going to be there, but it will be a privilege none-the-less.

There is a lot of media activity; already Cim has been interviewed for Surrey’s Radio Jackie. Maybe I’ll be interviewed for Radio Shoot!. Or something. (Apologies to any reader not familiar with 70s teenage magazines in the UK.)

Read more about National Transplant Week.

Cim strictly dancing

Cim strictly dancing

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