Time and Media move on

Six weeks since our last posting. I think partly because of the blogger’s reluctance to overwrite an attention-grabbing post (our visit to Number 10.) I suppose the only thing to do is do more interesting stuff.

One such possibility nearly occurred when The Guardian expressed an interest to The Transplant Trust in interviewing someone on “the therapeutic aspects of blogging”. Angela put them in touch with us, and yesterday a nice Guardian-type journalist rang us ahead of the proposed interview time. She couldn’t find the pages where Cim had blogged her way through the op in 2004. Well, that’s because this blog didn’t exist then. Blogging as a whole was in it’s infancy in 2004. Facebook a mere twinkle, still at university.

We are not quite what she is looking for, apparently. Win some, lose some – we’ve done pretty well so far. However. nothing on the fundraising stakes for ages. Perhaps time to raise those stakes then. Get moving with the plans for autumn: whisky tasting fundraiser. One or two other ideas strike me. Perhaps we should have an Events page.