Live! on the BBC

Did I mention we’re going to be on TV next week?
If not, it’s because I didn’t know what it was going to be, but now I do.

A very nice young lady phoned Cim a few weeks ago and asked if we’d like to be on TV with our transplant/Antarctica story. Cim said it was going to be BBC on a Thursday morning after Easter. Last week we got the travel arrangements: turn up to MTV studios in Camden at 8 in the morning.  What? not BBC  TV Centre then? MTV? Had Cim made the BBC part up? What did MTV want with us?

Now, Planet Jerry can be a little off beam, but Planet Cim is sometimes in a parallel universe, so forgive me for being cautiious. However, looking at the schedule for MTV Thursday morning, I thought it unlikely we’d be on “Pimp My Ride”, no matter how much our car is in need of it.

Charlotte called again and cleared things up. The independent company Leopard films is making a five-part documentary for BBC about transplants. So, that explains that. Presented by Nadia Sawalha and Dr Jonty Heaversedge, the first programme goes out on Easter Monday.

BBC1 9.00 am. Life Givers


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