Crown Princess Victoria’s Fiancé in Kidney Swap Drama

Sorry about crap headline, but it’s all true – apart from the “drama” bit.

Sweden’s Princess Victoria’s husband to be, Daniel Westling, has had a kidney transplant, I found out today from one of my Swedish friends. His donor was his father and it all went well, so no drama.
I mention it here because it is a high-profile case in Sweden involving a live donor, and what with our Swedish connections, I thought we could do something with it.

For Swedish speakers, here’s the original link in the regional newspaper Sydsvenskan:
English extract:

STOCKHOLM. Crown Princess Victoria’s fiancé Daniel Westling underwent a kidney transplant on Wednesday.

A spokesperson said it is a relatively risk-free operation.

– Daniel Westling has today undergone a kidney transplant at Karolinska hospital (Stockholm) and is doing very well. the trust’s press secretary Nina Eldh told (agency) TT.

The donor was Daniel Westling’s father Olle Westling. The operation was successful and without complication. Olle Westling was also said to be doing well.

The reason for the transplant was a congenital but not hereditary condition that has lead to reduced kidney function. According to the trust, they have known of the eventual need for a transplant for quite a while.

Jerry Bartlett commented: – donor and recipient may both be doing well, and that’s great, but now they’re coming off the medication, it will hurt like crazy. Nowadays, the donor will likely have keyhole surgery, which reduces the recovery time, but the donor is not out of the woods for a long while. The first year is critical.

As for the “relatively risk-free” process – it’s not the operation that is the problem. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad we live in an age where this is routine, but it’s not like having your tonsils out. Kudos to the Dad for his generous gift. Like Cim’s brother who donated to Cim – a real hero.

Well, you probably guessed I wasn’t quoted in the paper, but that’s what I would have said, if asked.