An “Ordinary” Job: Making Someone “Supernormal”

The best description I have heard of Cim so far: “Supernormal”. Dr Malcolm Brown of  Astellas Pharmaceuticals came up with that during our presentation on 3 July at the Staines-based pharmaceutical company, near Heathrow. Astellas is the company that makes Prograf, the anti- rejection drug Cim has taken ever since her kidney transplant in December 2004.

Out on the road again with the Transplant Trust charity in advance of National Transplant Week, and an opportunity to give our talk “From Dialysis to Antarctica” – albeit in short form. It’s great to get out there and show people how well Cim is – it’s part of our way of putting something back.

Dr Brown is a former transplant surgeon himself and used this Learning Lunch to introduce the topics of  transplantation to an audience within Astellas that included the transplant side and others. We had an audience of  about 70 Astellas employees volunteering to spend their lunch hour finding out what the Company does in the world.

We were far from the only draw: Vashti Poole talked about the Transplant Trust and there were some very touching videos about the contribution the medication that Astella produces makes to the lives of transplant patients and also the sponsorship Astellas is involved in with foundations such as Tackers, who make possible a skiing holiday for groups of teenage transplant kids.

Very encouraging for us to hear back from Astellas staff  about how seeing a real live former kidney patient has benefited from their products. Somebody said what sometimes seems like an “ordinary” job is given a different perspective when you see how as an employee, they have contributed to the real difference their company has made.


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