What would make you actually register as an donor?

As Jerry wrote earlier, on Wednesday morning’s BBC Breakfast TV they talked about transplants and organ donation in the UK, and how we need more people to register as organ donors. As always – my ears get very big, as we say in Swedish, which means I listen in a way that I rarely do, but this topic is really close to my heart because I myself have experienced facing a downhill road towards death before eventually receiving a kidney from my lovely brother, and I now live a healthy super-normal life.

One of the questions they discussed in the studio with Vashti Poole from The Transplant Trust and BBC Breakfast’s Dr Rosemary Leonard was whether the UK should have a opt-in or opt-out policy. At the moment we have an opt-in policy which means that you need to actively register as a donor, and opt-out means that everybody is automatically registered as a donor and you have to actively say no if you don’t want to be a donor.

Dr Rosemary Leonard said that GPs need to understand that some people are really concerned about what would happen to them if they were dying. They are worried that doctors and surgeons will hover around waiting for them to die so that they can harvest their organs.

I think that we (Transplant Trust and all the volunteers passionately working to raise the number of people on the organ donor register) shouldn’t even go there with these people. There is no point trying to persuade them to be donors. The focus should be on all the people that actually want to register but have never come around to doing it.

My question to you – if you are somebody who actually wants to register as an organ donor – what can we  do to help you to take the action to register?


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