Interview on BBC Surrey Radio

If you got stuck in traffic this morning in the Guildford area, I must apologise.  The extra chaos was no doubt caused because Cim and I were called in to be interviewed live from the studios of BBC Surrey Radio. Rush hour?  Maybe, but traffic is not as bad on interview-free days.

We were on the radio to help publicise a new campaign to get people to sign up for the organ donor register in the UK. Apparently, there has never been an out-and-out campaign with the single aim of getting people to, well, sign up – it’s always been a “by the way…” Can that be true?

Anyway, a very nice lady rang Cim and fixed us up to be on Nick Wallis’ Breakfast show. And despite the traffic, we arrived in time. You can hear us on BBC iPlayer; our bit starts at 2hr 39 mins. goes up to the traffic news, and there’s another snippet at 2hr 55, which unfortunately cuts me off in full flow. Be quick! It’s only up until Monday 9 November, 10 AM GMT.

BBC Surrey Radio's Nick Wallis and Cim

BBC Surrey Radio's Nick Wallis and Cim

Nick the presenter was really nice and natural, and asked just the right questions so that we could get our message across, which is: it’s a great idea to sign up for the organ donor register because if something terrible happens to you, you could make a huge difference in up to 9 people’s lives and your life won’t have been in vain.

If you have already registered, thank you! (Please make sure your loved ones know.)
Otherwise, to register go to:


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