Shackleton’s Whisky Stash Found

If you’ve been on this blog before, you might be aware of my claim to the World’s southernmost whisky tasting, from our trip to Antarctica in March 2008. It seems the pioneer Ernest Shackleton was tasting whisky on the continent nearly 100 years before me.

According to this article in the Global Post, “Polar explorers of that era relied on their alcohol of choice to help them and their crews through the long Antarctic nights and insomnia-inducing days.”

Two cases of Mackinlay’s blended Scotch whisky were found at Shackleton’s hut at Cape Royd by conservators from the New Zealand Antarctica Heritage Trust. The question they’re asking is what will it taste like now? According to Richard “The Nose” Paterson, master blender, if the bottles’ seals are unbroken, they’d taste much as they did in 1909.

That’s all very interesting and historical, but I don’t think Shackleton’s drams constituted a whisky tasting. My claim still stands!

Read the full story here.


One Response

  1. Update (sorta)
    This story has just surfaced on the BBC website, two weeks later…

    ‘Trust spokesman Al Fastier said …”It would be terrible to sample it and find that it was off,” he told Radio New Zealand’.

    Unlikely, I’d have thought, and so, it seems does Richard Paterson of Whyte and Mackay:

    “We might even get enough to be able to take a stab at recreating it.”

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