Our job: Find out Why People Would Receive an Organ but Won’t Sign Up

We were interviewed recently on BBC Surrey Radio as part of a new campaign to encourage people to sign up to the NHS organ donor register. The interview as posted unfortunately didn’t cover the whole interview, I think the last few minutes was cut off for some reason.Until we get the permanent download, I’d like to say what was missed, because it reveals the point of the campaign.

I said that we know that there are many people out there who want to register but never get around to actually doing it – so I asked how we can help them to do that.

Nick Wallis, the BBC Surrey presenter who interviewed us, mentioned a couple of times the statistics – that 95% of people would take an organ but only 27% has registered to donate.

It is up to us to do something about balancing that statistic.

Sign up to the organ donor register here.
Thank you!


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