Do you want to do one good thing today? Go with The Floe

I bet you think I’m going to ask you to sign up for the organ donor register. Well, I’m not. “But just a minute” (I hear you say), “Aren’t you in the middle of a campaign to do that? You were on the radio last week…” Well yes, but today I’ve got something else to ask you.

Today I’m asking you to buy a love song. And if you’re not quite up to that, I’d like to encourage you to fwd, share, tweet, post, or even talk to somebody about this song “I hope you know”. It’s no ordinary girl meets/desires boy (partner) drama.

We often get asked what can we do to help your cause? After all, you can only sign up once, and although there’s donation (I don’t mean the Ultimate Donation – just money), people want to give of themselves and do something helpful without having to die for it. It has been quite tricky to know what to say. Until today… (Good grief, I sound like Jeremy Clarkson.)

Sarah Springett of The Floe

Sarah Springett, lead singer of The Floe

You see, Sarah Springett is the singer in The Floe. A year ago, 19 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she donated a kidney to her boyfriend. She didn’t make a song and dance about it, she just made a song, it’s called “I hope you know”. And it’s about the love that would make someone give a loved one a new lease of life.

She was on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour to talk about it. (Surely Top Gear is only a matter of time.)

Then they made a website and a video, and the proceeds are going to The Transplant Trust, and hopefully it will do something to balance the stats. If enough people download it so that it gets into the charts, then there’ll be a huge amount of exposure.

Look, I’ll stop going on, why don’t you listen to Sarah talk about it – it’s her song, and she does it much better than me. You can go to the download sites or perhaps even get a real CD.

And remember, if you just pass the word on about the website, by whatever means necessary, you will have done your One Good Thing.

And on that (blonde) bombshell, I’ll hand you over to Sarah.


3 Responses

  1. Really appreciate this support from such an inspirational couple!

    Cheers Cim & Jerry! Best of luck with your adventures.

    Please do support the campaign everyone. It could help to make a massive difference. Download your copy of the single NOW at


    Sarah x

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, Sarah. I hope we can help with a spurt of activity (and traffic!) as we approach the weekend.


  3. […] campaign, if you remember from the earlier post, started with the release of the single “I hope you know” by The Floe with the aim to […]

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