Souther than South West: five years on

Five years ago today. Blimey! Stepping on the train at Woking station, we were never the same again. South West Trains has that effect on a lot of people, but for most, it is some other reason than their destination is Antarctica.

In these post-Fiennes days, calling our little adventure an “Antarctic Odyssey” seems rather grand for what we actually did: sailing on a research vessel to and along the Antarctic Peninsular from the southern tip of South America, not even making it to the Antarctic Circle (quite), but to quote the cornerstone of nepotism, it’s all relative.

The relatives in question being, of course, Cim and her brother Jonas. And me, I’m a relative I suppose. If our trip would be considered one small step for Fiennes-kind, it was a very large step for a kidney transplantee, Cim (and the rest of us), and the more I think about it, the more the “odyssey” didn’t end when we stepped off a different South West Train and back into our reality.

An Antarctic "odessey" begins with South West Trains

March 2008: an Antarctic “odessey” begins with South West Trains

If you have followed the blog of old, you will know this: “working” for the Transplant Trust, going to 10 Downing Street, championing the cause of the Organ Donor campaign… If you’re new, that stuff is here, right up to about August 2010, which coincides with my starting a beer, whisky and food blog,

The hiatus also coincided with the loss of my hand-written travelogue, but since that has now turned up (OK I admit: tidying up is a good idea), perhaps it’s time to fill in some blanks. There are unwritten accounts both from our trip and what has happened since. But one day I will write, “It was twenty years ago today.” So, the biggest question for me is: Now what?