Shackleton’s Antarctic whisky raided. Not by me, honest!

A quick update here, by way of test posting simultaneously to and I wrote a while ago on the Antarctica blog, about discovery of the Antarctic explorer Shackleton’s whisky stash from the British Antarctic Expedition of 1907. Now the crate has been carefully thawed out, it seems one of the bottles is missing. […]

Shackleton’s Whisky Stash Found

If you’ve been on this blog before, you might be aware of my claim to the World’s southernmost whisky tasting, from our trip to Antarctica in March 2008. It seems the pioneer Ernest Shackleton was tasting whisky on the continent nearly 100 years before me. According to this article in the Global Post, “Polar explorers […]

March 17, part iii: Camping on Antarctica

Following the spectacular kayaking and encounter with the whale, there’s time for a talk from Lynn about the different sorts of glacier and iceberg ice we are likely to see, and then PB briefs us about camping. We decide to go tonight and postpone the whisky tasting. There is an opportunity to go camping for […]